Heavy Rain, the ups and downs of being able to choose your own story.

Madison wonders what to do next

Madison wonders what to do next

I finished Heavy Rain recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it is only since finishing it and reading about how extensively your actions and the choices you make affect the ending that I have realised how incredible an example of modern gaming it is.

I played it through in about 3 tense sessions as I couldn’t wait to see how it played out – Quantic Dream certainly achieved their objective of making it feel like an interactive movie rather than a game.

Here is a record of what I did, and what happened. Needless to say, I am about to give it all away so don’t read on if you plan to play the game for yourself.


I completed 4 of the 5 challenges, but refused to kill the drug dealer. I thought about this for a while, and felt that killing him wouldn’t guarantee saving Shaun, and would rather trust one of the other characters to save him (of course, Ethan wouldn’t have had this option in real life). I have been reading about deontology in a book called Batman and Philosophy recently, and this must have had an effect here.

I drank the poison (although I inexplicably recovered in time to buy a rather nice looking warehouse apartment in the epilogue), but ended up with less letters and numbers in the address than I should have done, so had 3 choices of destination and picked the wrong one (surely in real life he would have used his iPhone to Google the locations to check one of them wasn’t a restaurant…)


I shot the devout Christian by mistake, and was pretty pissed off that I had done so, although I think it helped me out further down the line. I managed to find Shaun and save him, without accusing Carter. I then killed Scott, having saved him from falling once. I couldn’t prevent him from seeing Tron-like tanks at the end and appearing on dodgy chat shows to talk about how much of a hero he was.


I couldn’t save her from the fire in Scott’s apartment and was disappointed to see her burning and twitching on the bed before the place exploded. At least she had the pleasure of rolling around on the floor of Ethan’s motel room before she died.


I failed to save Lauren from the car, as I saw no opportunity to do so even though I wanted to.  Scott met a rather grisly end in the spinning blades after falling off the conveyor belt which was foolish given that he had been given a second chance by Norman.

Earlier in the game I considered the possibility of him being the killer (in fact, I considered all of them at one point or other), but discounted it as being too far-fetched.

Once I had finished the game I thought it would be interesting to see what other people had done and what other endings were out there. A Google search for ‘heavy rain spoilers’ or ‘heavy rain endings’ threw up some interesting results.

Best of which was the following from a European Playstation forum. Hilarious.

penguin_god_893 wrote:

My ending was a total tragedy. Ethan shot himself because he failed to save Shaun, Jayden didn’t have enough evidence to find Scott so he gave up and died later of Tripoctine overdose and madison took a leap of faith from the burning apartment; faith didn’t pay off. Shelby gets away. The mystery remains unsolved.


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