Kino #32

Last night I attended my first ever Kino.

Kino is an event that was started in Montreal in 1999 and is for budding film makers to show off their latest creations in a relaxed and receptive environment.

Fraser Studios behind the Clare Hotel on Broadway was the venue for tonight’s shenanigans, and the turnout was far greater than I expected with around 150 there by the time the films started at 8.

There is something of an amateur Tropfest about Kino, and whilst there is no explicit theme, there are a few rules to be adhered to. Films shouldn’t be over 5 minutes, they should be screened for the very first time at the event and they should be tagged with the event name at the end.

The reason for these rules wasn’t clear until the challenges start. If a film maker breaks one or more of the rules then they have to commit to making a film based on random suggestions from the audience. After a few whiskeys, this can become hazardous for the rule-breaker as they are requested to make films with a chicken as the romantic lead (a ‘chick-flick’, apparently) or a western set in space, both of which I cannot wait to see.

The films themselves range from the poetic and beautiful to the obscure and grotesque.  In fact, most sit in the latter camp, for example the tale of a Robinson Crusoe type dry humping the corpse of a mermaid before chowing down on her fishy entrails.

Kino is a fantastic event and I would recommend a visit to anyone who has an interest in cutting edge, underground film-making or sushi. Or gingerbread men.

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