Bad Beats in Poker

I play NPL poker every Thursday night at the KB Hotel on Foveaux Street in Surry Hills. Last night, I suffered two bad beats, but as luck and bad beats can be subjective concepts I thought I would record them here.

So we start with 3,000 in chips and 45 minutes in I am down to 1,000 and move all-in with AQo. Everyone folds except the guy to my right who calls and turns A10o. Nothing comes on the flop or the turn, which puts me as a rough 94-6% favourite. But a 10 comes on the river and I’m out.

So in to game 2. Mid way through the game, a few players have come and gone, and I am at a shove or fold stage. I move all-in with A8o for about 1,500 chips, and the guy to my left is the only caller. He turns 37d. 37d? Are you serious? 2 diamonds on the flop have me sweating, nothing on the turn, which puts me at about 82-18% favourite, I think. Diamond on the river puts me out.

I reckon I got unlucky, but then you hear that all the time. Truth is, some dodgy play up to that point put me in the position of having to move all-in so early on. Oh, well, “that’s poker”.